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All About Your Replacement Window Warranty


So, you’ve sat down with our, if we might say, AWESOME team of window experts and you are feeling comfortable and ready to start your window replacement project. Although our window installation team works quickly and efficiently, it’s no secret that this is a huge process and home improvement renovation. With that said, you are probably telling yourself “how long are these windows going to last? and what can I do if something happens?”

That is where the window replacement warranties come into play! Window Source of West Texas not only offers affordable financing options but also a lifetime warranty for no extra charge. Why do we offer this for free? Because we stand by our commitment to providing you with a quality job, one that you can count on to hold up for years to come. And if something happens? We will be right back!

Here is a little bit of information regarding our various warranties:

Replacement Window Lifetime Limited Warranty:

Yes, you read that correctly…LIFETIME warranty. Each of your custom built replacement windows is crafted with pride to the specific vision you have for your home. At the Window Source of West Texas, we know that with proper care, your windows will provide you a lifetime of worry free service. Plus, if you purchase any of the colored windows (black, silver, bronze, brown, red, green), these also include a 10 year warranty on the paint.

The Window Source of West Texas Lifetime Labor Warranty:

As we mentioned previously, you can count on our team of friendly, trustworthy and efficient window installers to provide you with a quality outcome. However, once our team pulls away, should you notice anything that concerns you, give us a call and we will be back out to take a look and correct the problem free of charge. So, as long as you continue to reside in the home, we have your back!

Glass Breakage Warranty:

Ever heard of the “free gift with purchase”? Well, this is one for your home! Our glass breakage warranty is included with all your windows! This warranty pretty much covers any glass breakage of your replacement windows that happens as a result of an accident for as long as you live in your home. For example, if you are one with little kids that like to throw balls in the house…you may want to check this out, haha!

*Tempered glass, laminated glass and special shape windows do not include the accidental glass breakage warranty. 

So, if you are looking to replace your windows, give us a call!  All of our windows include a lifetime warranty and also a transferable warranty so if you ever sell your home, we can easily transfer this warranty to the new homeowner! 

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