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Are Replacement Windows Worth The Cost and Why?

A: 150%— YES! Just the aesthetics of the window, the look of the home, and the curb appeal are automatically an increased value. I feel like a lot of our customers comment a lot on how proud they are to come home with their new windows.

Of course, the energy efficiency factor, the comfort in the room, the comfort in the space— it’s not as hot. Here in West Texas, we get a lot of intense heat and sunlight.

So, just the comfort you get from that as well as having the lifetime warranty. You know, the comfort in knowing that you’ve invested this money with a great company and you’re backed for a lifetime with that investment as well.

There are a lot of investments and home improvement projects you can take on for your home. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that gives you a better return than replacement windows in West Texas.

After all, with this desert heat at the peak of summer and even towards the beginning of fall—poorly insulated windows become a problem. Your home gets heated up by the sun beating down on single-pane windows. Add that to the fact that older windows or “stock” windows that come with the home might as well not be insulated at all. That is how inefficient they are.

That inefficiency in turn makes your HVAC system work harder and that is just causing the electricity meter to keep spinning. You could install better insulation in the attic, but the difference in most cases is minimal. After all, nothing has a direct path for UV light into your home like the glass panes of your windows.

Modern Vinyl Replacement Windows Offer Many Benefits

worth the cost

The days of windows with plain wood framing and basic single-pane glass are long gone. Today’s vinyl replacement windows do more than simply provide natural light and a breeze into the home. Modern window manufacturing gives West Texas homeowners benefits such as more stylish features, advanced energy efficiency, and ease of operation.

The fact of the matter is, that vinyl replacement windows are nearly a necessity if you’re still dealing with old, drafty windows. Furthermore, installing new windows offers a lot more benefits than you might realize. Some benefits are obvious like those mentioned, while others are a bit more under the radar.

Adds Value To Your Home

No one is saying that upgrading to vinyl replacements is a minor investment, but it’s also not the most expensive. Additionally, it offers a great return on your investment, so you can rest assured the payoff is there. It’s no surprise that there are costs associated with home improvement projects and upgrades, but homeowners can rest easy knowing that window replacement projects can have a big payoff. In fact, according to recent data, homeowners that install vinyl replacement windows get an average return of over 70% of the project cost when they sell their home.

This makes perfect sense as homebuyers in this market might hesitate to buy a home with windows that need replacing. If you’ve been considering replacing your old windows, don’t wait until you’re about to sell. Do it as soon as you can so you can enjoy the many benefits vinyl replacement windows offer.

Bolsters Safety And Security

When you think about the benefits of new windows, you might not consider factors such as safety and security. This benefit of replacement windows often goes overlooked but it’s a critical benefit as well.

Have you ever had windows that were so old they could barely be opened? Maybe they had been painted over, effectively sealing them shut. Windows like that aren’t just a nuisance, they are a safety hazard.

Think about it, if there was a fire and the doors were inaccessible— what other options would you try? The windows, right? Ah, but the windows won’t open because they’re so old—and it’s a matter of life and death.

Our vinyl windows don’t have these problems. For one, they don’t need to be painted because their color is embedded. Also, the vinyl our windows are made from is virgin vinyl. What is virgin vinyl and why it is important?

Many of the cheap vinyl windows you see advertised by other companies are made using recycled vinyl. Meaning it’s melted down and re-formed into window frames and casements. There’s just one problem—vinyl has a memory.

What we mean is that it tends to try to contort back to the shape it was originally molded into. This leads to twisted frames, and warped windows. However, virgin vinyl is vinyl that is new production vinyl and it’s molded especially for our windows. That means you get a sturdy window, that will hold its shape and rigidity upwards of 50 years! And don’t forget the security features such as advanced locking mechanisms.

Improves Home Comfort

Vinyl replacement windows help you keep your home from developing hot spots due to excessive UV ray exposure. Also, the insulated frames and new seals around the windows help keep outside air from coming into the home.

Our windows are dual-pane glass with Argon gas layered between which expands and adds an additional layer of insulation. The Argon also filters out UV rays that can be harmful to children and pets as well as cause interiors to fade.

Ultimately, vinyl replacement windows make it so every room in your house is just as comfortable as the next. This also indirectly helps you keep energy usage down as the AC doesn’t cycle on as much as we’ve mentioned.

Noise reduction

Many clinical studies have proven that excessive noise can actually be a health hazard. Noise pollution can not only interrupt critical sleep but increase stress levels too. If your body doesn’t get enough rest it can cause a host of other issues. Also, increased stress levels can lead to high blood pressure which can lead to heart problems. With modern vinyl windows and a good seal, you can get more sound rest and enjoy the silence.

Curb Appeal = Better Resale Value

New windows can significantly improve the exterior appearance of your home as well as the inside. Vinyl windows are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and formats. From the standard-sized, single-hung windows to double-hung and bay windows—we have them. The updated look of your home will come in handy when and if you decide to sell your home.

Our Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Low Maintenance

In addition to all the benefits we’ve listed, our windows are also very low maintenance. You don’t have to scrape old paint off every couple of years. There’s no need to hire a painter the color is embedded into the vinyl.

These new windows look great year after year without you touching a paint can. Maintenance is very easy—just wash the glass and screens from time to time. Occasionally you’ll want to clean the track as well as lubricate it lightly.

Follow those simple maintenance routines and your windows will open effortlessly, and work flawlessly for decades.

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