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Can You Add Windows To An Existing Home?

A: Absolutely—we actually do it quite often. There’s situations where we’re working in brick and we have a mason that we coordinate with to remove the brick. We come in and frame the opening and install the window and the mason comes in and corrects the brick for us.

In addition to that, we can make openings bigger, where we can make the windows taller or wider. There’s also situations where we’ll take a single little window and put in a 12-foot wide patio door. You know, bringing the outside into the inside view.

So, yes— absolutely, we do it often and we really enjoy the before and after as well.

As the number one trusted installer of replacement windows in West Texas, we get a lot of questions regarding windows. Homeowners often have questions about cost, which materials to use, and how long replacement windows in West Texas last with our hot climate.

However, this question is one that while it doesn’t come up often, is a scenario many people don’t consider. Usually, the people that are asking these questions tend to live in brick homes, or homes that have expensive siding. They want to preserve their investment and the exterior of the home but still get the efficiency boost replacement windows offer.

What Do People Want To Know About Replacement Windows In West Texas?

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Aside from the great question Vanessa answered, homeowners want to know if it’s worth disturbing their home exterior to install replacement windows. They don’t just want to get new windows because they look nice, they want there to be some significant return on their investment.

We didn’t become the leading installer of replacement windows in West Texas by using gimmicks or confusing shop talk. We earned our top spot by treating West Texas homeowners like they’re our own family.

So, when they have questions about getting replacement windows and how they save them money—we answer. There’s no slick marketing team here—we just simply state the facts to you in plain English and let you decide for yourself. So, seeing as we get a large number of questions about the value and savings—we like to answer those questions on our website now and then.

If you’re considering replacement windows in West Texas but are skeptical on if they’re really worth the investment—read on. We’ve got the answers you want, without any gimmicks.

Do Replacement Windows Pay For Themselves Or Is That Just A Pitch?

Honestly, we aren’t surprised by this question one bit given this cliché statement’s overuse in advertising. However, in the case of replacement windows in West Texas—it’s true, especially during our hot summers.

If you purchase our high-quality, highly efficient windows you will see significant energy savings. Now, savings will vary, and it is also dependent on the energy efficiency of the rest of your home. For example, if you buy our windows, but have other problem areas such as drafty doors—it’s going to hinder efficiency. The benefit you get from our highly efficient windows will be negated by the inefficiency of those doors. In cases like these, it’s probably a good idea when buying windows from us, to also consider our replacement doors. At the very least, you should replace the weather-stripping to create a tighter seal.

All that aside, if everything else in your home is optimized then you will feel the full effect of energy-efficient replacement windows in your wallet. Our vinyl replacement windows with double or triple-pane glass will help you recoup your investment and increase the value of your home as well.

How Do Replacement Windows Save Money?

Every time we get this question, we almost always know what problem the homeowner is having. It’s usually from someone that is having a hard time keeping their house cool in this West Texas heat. Their house has a perfectly capable HVAC unit, but their utility bill is ridiculous and it’s always warm.

The most common reason for this is simple— cheap contractor windows or old, single-pane windows. The problem is, that both of these windows provide little to no insulative properties at all. Just because you buy a new house doesn’t mean the new windows are efficient. In fact, it’s usually the opposite—contractors use the cheapest windows available unless you pay for an upgrade when building.

Replacement windows in West Texas need to have high insulative properties to combat the desert heat. The double and triple gas-filled pane options on our replacement windows work together with the highly insulated frames. They create a seal that keeps hot air out and cold air in during the summer.

The specialized glass panes that reduce heat conduction also help manage the comfort level in your home without using as much of your AC. What does that mean to you? Your house stays cooler using less electricity via the AC and you save money on your electric bill.

That equals a good return on your investment because of saved energy costs. So yes, replacement windows in West Texas not only help battle the heat but also battle your high utility bills.

How Often Should I Have To Replace Windows In My Home?

Windows, just like roofing and siding, are a major component of your home. Similarly, they should last about 20 years if they are of good quality construction. Unfortunately, many of the homeowners in Midland end up having to buy windows just 10 years after moving in. This is related to what we highlighted before—developers build new homes and use the cheapest windows possible. Most people don’t realize that, they just see a beautiful new home and assume it’s all good. Unless you pay for upgraded, energy-efficient windows before signing—you’re getting the cheap ones.

These windows also do a poor job of sealing the home. In reality, they only look good and only for a bit as they don’t age well. So, it just depends on the quality of your existing windows. With new replacement windows from The Window Source, they should easily last 20 years or more with proper cleaning and minor maintenance.

However, even with that, if something did ever go wrong—our windows come with a lifetime warranty. So, either way, you are covered for life with our windows.

What Material Does Window Source Use To Make Their Window Frames?

A: We use high-quality, 100% virgin vinyl for our window frames. It offers a perfect balance of affordability and outstanding energy efficiency when combined with our Low-E glass.

Does The Quality Of The Glass Make A Difference?

For windows in West Texas, at the very minimum, you need to have that Low-E Glass we talk about. Honestly, if you are going to invest, go ahead and at least go a step above basic. We also have triple-pane options that are gas-filled and offer the best insulation from the Texas heat. The gas used is usually Argon as it performs exceptionally well as a barrier between the outside heat or cold and your home.

Which Has The Biggest Impact On Energy Efficiency—The Glass Or The Frame?

The majority of a window is comprised of glass, around 70% to be exact. So the glass is going to have the biggest impact on energy savings. However, keep in mind that the frame still comprises a significant 30% of the window surface. If you choose a cheap frame made from recycled vinyl or even wood, the frame will warp and leak over time. Therefore, we only use the highest quality glass and virgin vinyl frames that are built specifically for our climate.

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