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Does Replacing Windows Make A Mess?

A: Yes, I would say to a certain extent. The honest answer would be that when the installer tears out the old window, he is going to make a mess in front of the window he’s working with. So, what we do in that situation, is lay drop cloths down inside and out.

We have crews that are one or two people and they work on one window at a time. So, as they go throughout the house, they replace that window, clean up their mess, and at the end of the day haul off the old garbage with them.

So, periodically—a little bit messy, but in the end, it’s all cleaned up.

You might be surprised at how many people are hesitant to get replacement windows installed because of the process. Yes, we mean the mess—there’s no getting around it, any kind of remodeling is going to make a mess.

What sets us apart from other “fly-by-night” window companies is that we know our installers, because they’re our employees. We don’t just dump the installation off to some random contractors we’ve never met. Our crews know our standards, procedures, and policies. So, when you get replacement windows installed from us, we leave your home the same way we found it—except with beautiful new windows.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be stressed about installation day—we get it. It’s change, it’s inconvenient, it’s the least fun part about getting replacement windows—but the payoff is HUGE.

As stressful as installation day might be you can make it far less stressful if you are well prepared. Here’s a basic crash course on getting through your install day with minimal stress.

Preparing For Installation Of Your Replacement Windows


The most important part of being prepared for installation day is actually preparing your home. How well you prepare the work area will impact how efficiently the crew can move around and work.

Deactivate Your Security System

If you have any kind of security system, especially one with window sensors, make sure you turn it off for the day. It is also prudent to have your alarm company send a technician to remove the sensors from your old windows. They can re-connect them once your new windows are installed.

Clear The Work Area

Around each window, make sure to clear the way of anything fragile, any art on the wall, or any knick-knacks on shelves. Additionally, remove any window treatments as that will slow the installers down.

Cover Your Furniture

Dust is going to happen, while we make exhaustive efforts to keep it to a minimum, we can’t prevent all of it. We do clean very thoroughly, but dust travels, so make sure to cover your furniture and move it a few feet away from the windows.

Trim Landscaping If Possible

Obstacles in front of your windows such as bushes, tree branches, and shrubs can slow down an install. You want to give the installers enough room to access the window opening. Plan for about a two-foot area of space per window for regular windows, and bay windows need even more. Your window consultant will cover that with you during the overview.

Set Aside A Workspace For The Crew

Giving the installers a dedicated work area to set up equipment is critical. Preferable somewhere near an electrical outlet as we use power tools to work efficiently.

Please Do Not Walk Through The Work Area

This is both for the safety of you and your family, as well as our installers. If you need to cross the work area to get to something, we’ll be happy to accommodate—just coordinate with the team for safety.

Understanding The Installation Process Of Your Replacement Windows

Now that the prep work is finished, our installers will be able to get right to work on schedule. When they arrive, please direct them to where they can park and set up.

While they’re unloading the truck and setting up this is a good time to talk with the lead installer. They’ll gladly walk you through the process and do a walkaround of your house. This is to verify measurements before beginning and to identify any issues beforehand.

This is also the time for you to voice any concerns or requests regarding installation. Things like making sure they save your old trim if you plan on reusing it. Make them aware of any landscaping or yard art they need to be cautious around.

Once all the pre-install discussion is done and you’re both on the same page, you can feel free to go about your day. You don’t need to be there for the entire installation, just let us know before you leave and make sure we have your cell number. That way if anything comes up during the process and we need your direction we’ll have a way to contact you.

We’ll coordinate a final review of the completed job based on the estimated timeline. However, you can also check in from time to time for an update on our progress if you prefer.

As long as weather isn’t dangerous such as lightning or high winds, we’ll install in almost any weather. We take every precaution to protect your home as if it were our own.

During the final walkthrough, we’ll demonstrate your window operation and answer any questions you have.

Cleaning up the mess

If you decide to stay while we’re working, please be aware of how noisy it is and the presence of dust because of the nature of the work.

We’ll be removing your old windows which involves scraping old calk out and possibly trimming drywall depending on the situation. We’ll insulate your replacement windows with foam insulation, add the trim, and seal the interior and exterior. We lay all of this out for you to say that—it will be pretty messy.

However, we go above and beyond to leave your home clean and looking untouched. We employ the use of drop cloths, high-velocity shop vacs, and other cleaning tools to ensure that result.  However, we cannot control all dust particles, so bear in mind dust may settle after we’re gone.

Reviewing The Final Product

The final step, after the cleanup is done, the trash has been removed and we’ve cleaned your new windows in the walkthrough. The lead installer will walk through each window with you to let you inspect it for install quality. They’ll demonstrate the window features and operation, and answer any questions.

If all meet your expectations, you’ll sign off on the work and they’ll be on their way and out of your hair. If you are not satisfied for any reason it’s important to voice that to the lead installer. We want to make sure you’re satisfied before we leave your property.

Other than that, installation day is over and now your investment and time you’ve spent has paid off. You have beautiful new replacement windows with a lifetime guarantee!

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