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We have a good, better, best replacement siding options you can choose from. Our installers have more than a decade of experience. There are many color options to choose from and we can help you make some of those tough decisions. We can coordinate the colors of your home and give you a chance to see these colors on your home before installation. If your home is new construction or just needing an update, The Window Source of West Texas can help! It doesn’t just end with replacement siding, we can replace your soffit and facia.

Soffit & Fascia

Soffit is the exposed siding underneath your roof’s overhang. Updating your soffit is important because it has venting that helps keep a steady airflow between your roof and attic. Not only for ventilation, but soffit also prevents moisture (where mold can form) and allows heat to escape from the attic. Fascia goes hand-in-hand with your home’s soffit. Fascia is the area of siding directly above the soffit. It’s the exposed board you see on the front of your roof’s overhang, so you want to give that board some curb appeal.

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