“I had no idea whom to call about replacing a sliding glass door. I asked a few friends and got a few names. We actually received quotes from 3 companies. The Window Source of West Texas included. All 3 had similar pricing (within a few hundred dollars) and all 3 had completely different options. We feel that there were more options at the same price level as The Window Source. This doesn’t even include the customer service! Sandy is super knowledgeable about it all and if she doesn’t know, she will dig until she finds out! She kept in touch with us and when she gave us the estimated delivery date of our door…that was real. There was no call to tell us it would be another week. The call we received was “you’re door is in. Are you available for install Monday?”, which was only a few days later. We liked the experience so much that we are working with Sandy and some of her contractores to do other work for us. They are alll knowledgeable, couteous and respectful. They even bring their own trash can, clean up and take it with them. I HIGHLY recommend the business and these people!”