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Home Improvement & Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

Homeowners are more concerned with sustainability & energy-efficiency

When it comes to home improvement projects, it is becoming more popular for homeowners to choose the more eco-friendly path when it comes to their products or design plans. When it comes to project budgets, homeowners are now more likely to spend more on things like replacement windows to help with energy-efficiency before spending on vanity aspects of the home.


Dark & moody colors are the new grey

In 2019, white cabinetry against grey or beige walls was all the rage. In 2020, homeowners are aiming for a more bold statement when it comes to their home design and decor. Dark navy blue and deep olive green are two of the most popular colors right now especially when it comes to color choice of cabinetry and even hidden refrigerators.

Luxury projects are out, affordability is in

Homeowners are putting their hard-earned dollars behind aspects of their home renovation project that are less concerned luxury and more concerned with longevity. When it comes to cost, people are instead investing in home renovation projects that help with energy-efficiency and ultimately projects that ultimately help the homeowner save money in the long run. Examples of these types of projects include replacing the homes roof, insulation, siding and most important investing in new windows.

Homeowners aren’t convinced: They are doing their research

For those planning to invest in a big home improvement project/remodel, it has become increasingly more important that homeowners feel that they have found the best, most trustworthy company. The Window Source of West Texas is fully-equipped with a team of honest, hardworking installers who work to ensure every project is completed.

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