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West Texas Replacement Entry Doors

What makes a house different from a home? A house is just the structure, the wood, sheetrock, and siding. What makes a house a home is the memories you put into it, your sense of style, and most of all—love. We want you to love your home and nothing is more memorable in a home than the front door.

Think about it. Try and focus on a single feature of your home that accentuates everything around it? You’re thinking of the front door, aren’t you?

No, we’re not psychic—it’s human nature because doors represent safety and security—it’s the hierarchy of needs. Now, when other people look at your house, they focus on the same thing—your front door. Not the landscape, not your roof tile selection, not your flagstone paved driveway.

So, if you want to add curb appeal to your home as well as safety, security, and durability the front door is where it’s at.


How Entry Doors Enhance Your Home

If you want to express your style and make a great first impression when entertaining guests you need a great focal point. There’s a ton of great reasons why you don’t want to take this essential component of your home for granted:

An Extension Of Your Personality

We hear a big misconception from clients that you can only go with a couple of styles of entry doors to complement your home. That’s simply not true, you can mix and match colors, door sizes, styles, and even shapes. 

Entry doors can either complement your home’s style or they can serve as a bold focal point of contrast that pops. You can do just about anything with your entry door—conform with every other house, or be different!

Increases Value And Curb Appeal

Since your front door is a strong focal point of your home it’s going to be the first thing prospective buyers lay eyes on. They walk through it, touch it, open and close it when touring the home with your realtor.

A stylish front door instantly boosts your curb appeal when you’re trying to sell it. It makes other components of the exterior look better as well. Even if you’re not putting it on the market soon, a well-designed door adds value. We’re not saying someone’s going to see your front door and buy it sight unseen. However, it can make them curious and want to attend a showing.

Secure And Solid

Front doors are a dual-purpose home component—they can invite people in or keep them out. In the same regard, a solidly built entry door can attract buyers’ and neighbors’ attention. On the flip side of that, that same door can deter burglars. 

Of all burglaries, the front door continues to be the main entry point for criminals. When you have a door that looks solid and difficult to break through—thieves take a pass. 

Get Your Entry Doors And All Exterior Doors From Window Source

If your front door is drafty, looks worn out, or just isn’t your style—you should contact The Window Source We have so many different styles that you’re sure to find one that appeals to you.

Our doors are built for security and designed to make your home stand out. We’re your neighbors, right here in Midland, TX. So, contact us today and we’ll find the right door for your style with a free in-home consultation.

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