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The 2022 Replacement Window Superlative Awards

Well, it’s coming to the end of the year! Can anyone else believe we’re already entering 2023? The year has definitely flown by and our windows have been working hard to keep your homes warm, cool and safe. With that said, we think it important to celebrate these powerful pieces of your home with the official Window Source of West Texas 2023 Window Superlative Awards!

Just like in high school, we will chat through the windows this year that brought specific important features to homes across our community (with the exception of “most likely to get married” because to our knowledge windows can’t do that but hey, who am I to say no!)

We spoke with the official judge of our ceremony, The Window Source of West Texas owner Sandy Nelson, who bestowed these accolades to some of our most popular and most durable windows.

Best window for energy efficiency: 

Casement Windows because they have a super strong seal on all four sides of the window, guaranteeing very little opportunity for air from inside your home to get out and vice versa. To add a little bit more energy efficiency to your windows, The Window Source of West Texas also offers LowE Glass.

Most likely to see in residential areas:

Single Hung Windows windows are short, sweet and to the point when it comes to home energy efficiency and style. Unlike some flashier options, these windows only have one part that opens and closes leaving less opportunity for leaks. Also, on the surface, they are just really nice looking windows! You can read more about why this style of window is the best for residential homes here.

Best window style combination:

Single Hung Windows & Sliding Glass Windows, when put in place together give a home such a sleek aesthetic and curb appeal. If you are looking to replace your whole house of windows, be sure to check out this style combination.

Most popular color style for windows:

Black window color is what is the most desired right now but in terms of popularity, the more neutral beige and clay colors are the most popular window style colors for homes. A lot of West Texas architecture and home design is brick, and these more neutral colors look absolutely perfect.

Best bang for your buck when it comes to replacement windows:

Sliding glass windows are definitely the most affordable if you have a bigger window opening on your home, while single hung windows are the most bang for your buck when it comes to smaller window openings. As mentioned above though, when used in tandem with each other, not only are you getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to your replacement windows, but you are also getting an absolutely stunning look and feel!

Before the new year hits, give us a call to talk through some of the popular options listed above and we can set up a free, no obligation estimate on a whole house of windows!