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What Should I Consider When Choosing Siding?

What type of siding do I need?

Before you pick out the shirt you will wear for the day, what are some of the questions you ask yourself?

“What is the weather like?”

“Am I doing anything today that might require me to have a bit more protection?”

“How durable is this shirt? I can’t predict where the day will take me.”

Well, the same types of questions can apply to choosing the right siding for your house. I mean after all, siding is pretty much the shirt your house wears, right? You see where we’re going here.

To help you fully understand a few things to consider when choosing siding for your home, we sat down with The Window Source of West Texas owner Sandy Nelson, to answer a few questions.

Q: First, what types of siding options does The Window Source of West Texas offer?


A: We offer a pretty great selection of siding options, from style to color we have pretty much anything you could need or want. The exact types we have are: Prodigy® Insulated Siding, Charter Oak® and Conquest®. I can go into all of those later!

Q: Okay, so for someone looking to replace the siding on their house or are shopping for brand new siding for a new build, what are the top most important things to consider?

A: Obviously, what comes to everyone’s mind is price. You need to ask yourself how important certain aspects of your siding are to you and if those are worth a little extra in your budget. Outside of that you will want to consider color, upkeep (how often they need to be cleaned) and the type of weather most common in your area.

Q: So, living in an area like West Texas where the Spring and Summer months can get pretty hot, which type would you recommend?

A: Energy efficiency is always the name of the game, you want to keep that cool air in your home with absolutely no room for leaks. The Prodigy® Insulated Siding is industry-leading and known for its insulation. This siding has a thick insulation which inevitably helps reduce utility costs year round.

Q: So if we’re comparing siding to shirts, the Prodigy® Insulated Siding is like the big fluffy wool sweater that your grandma knit for you?

A: Yes, exactly! The only difference is that unlike grandma’s sweater, this siding actually looks really great!

Q: I know that West Texas doesn’t necessarily get the full brunt of Hurricane Season, but we do feel the effects and are known for some crazy Thunderstorms. Which type of siding makes the most sense for impact resistance?

A: Obviously every home should be fully protected from extreme weather but more specifically older homes who may not be as durable as a new build. While all of our siding can provide protection, the Charter Oak® siding has been tested to hold up against Category 5 hurricane-force winds. Definitely top in its class!

Q: Okay, last question. While the investment in your home is well worth the cost, it can be a pretty big chunk of change spent to replace the siding on your home. Do you offer any financing options?

A: Yes! And right now we’re offering 0% financing for 24 months. It’s an easy application process and our team is standing by to answer any questions.

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