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Which Windows Are Right For Your Home?

Is it time to finally upgrade the windows on your home? One of the most common questions we are asked is whether or not your replacement windows need to be the same as the old ones! Well, the answer is no. The Window Source of West Texas offers a variety of windows to keep your home unique with the best curb appeal on the block to help you choose which windows are right for your home!

Here are several of the most common window types:

Double Hung & Single Hung

This is window style has two sashes that operate up and down (single hungs only have one) from either the top or bottom which allows for maximum ventilation. Plus, this makes the window ideal for safe and easy cleaning from inside the home.

Tilt-in for easy cleaning!

2-Pane Sliding Windows

These windows are also known as gliding windows and operate horizontally on brass rollers. Most modern and ranch style homes are designed with this window style. The window sashes can be easily removed for cleaning and can then be locked back into place for safety.

3-Pane Sliding Windows

These windows have three pane, but only the left and right slide open. The center is stationary and will not open, nor will it have a screen. A homeowner has the option to have all panes the same size or the center larger than the other two.

Bow & Bay Windows

The bay style windows project out from the wall of the house and contains three window units. The bow window also projects from the wall of the house and may contain 3-6 window units. These are typically found in the kitchen.

Bow Window
Bay Window

Garden Windows

A garden window projects out from the wall of the house and  has four window units. The right and left side crank open for ventilation and come with screens. One to two glass shelves can be added for plants or knick knacks. Limited on color options and much detail goes into measurements and installation.

Casement Windows

Our most popular window style! These windows are often referred to as “crank-out” windows. This single sash window opens outward by rotating a crank that is attached to the frame. The screen is in inside and can be removed.

Awning Windows

This operates just like a casement, but open UP! A screen is in the inside of the frame and comes with a lock. Typically, you see this style in basements.

Special Shape Windows

Special shape windows are odd shape windows like circles, eyebrow style, hexagon, and more! These windows are energy efficient and are fit to your home. Most special shape windows can be attached to other style of windows.

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