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November House of the Month 2023

November House of the Month 2023

November House of the Month

In the heart of Odessa, Texas, a charming house on Tim Tam Circle recently underwent a remarkable transformation, thanks to The Window Source of West Texas. This November’s House of the Month belongs to Kim Huffty, a homeowner with a vision to enhance both the aesthetics and energy efficiency of her residence.

Address: 1447 Tim Tam Circle, Odessa, TX 79763
Year Built: 1983
Previous Windows: Original aluminum windows, single pane glass with minimal energy efficiency.

A Journey Back to 1983

Kim Huffty’s residence, a testament to 1980s architecture, retained its original aluminum windows. Although nostalgic, these windows proved inefficient in both insulation and energy conservation. The single-pane glass did little to keep the Texas heat at bay, prompting Kim to seek a modern solution from The Window Source of West Texas.

The Window Source Difference

The team at The Window Source undertook the task with precision and dedication. Vanessa Wint, a seasoned Sales Representative, guided Kim through the entire process, ensuring her choices aligned seamlessly with her aesthetic preferences and energy-saving goals.

The choice was clear—28 Single Hung Windows with vinyl-coated aluminum wrap in pristine white. The new vinyl windows boast a White Interior with a matching White Exterior, offering a clean, timeless look that enhances the curb appeal of Kim’s home.

Seamless Installation

Executing the vision was a task entrusted to the skilled hands of Jason Loeppky, a seasoned installer with a reputation for efficiency and craftsmanship. Alongside him was Abraham Loewen, providing valuable assistance throughout the process. Despite the size of the project, the duo completed the installation of 23 windows in a mere three days.

Jason’s dedication to quality and precision was evident in every aspect of the installation. The result is not just a functional upgrade but a visual transformation that has breathed new life into Kim’s home.

November House

A Home Transformed

The Window Source of West Texas has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence in providing high-quality, energy-efficient windows. Kim’s residence on Tim Tam Circle now stands as a beacon of modernity within its neighborhood, with its new windows seamlessly blending style and functionality.

As we celebrate the November House of the Month, we commend Kim Huffty for her vision, The Window Source of West Texas for their expertise, and the collaborative efforts of Vanessa Wint, Jason Loeppky, and Abraham Loewen. Together, they have not just upgraded a house; they have enhanced the quality of living for its occupants.

November House
November House
November House
November House
November House
November House

Before & After

As the November House of the Month, Kim Huffty’s residence stands as a testament to The Window Source of West Texas’s commitment to excellence. From the meticulous craftsmanship of our installation team to the personalized service provided by Vanessa Wint, every aspect of this project reflects our dedication to transforming houses into dream homes.

If you’re considering window replacement to enhance your home’s beauty and functionality, trust The Window Source of West Texas to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today and let us turn your vision into reality.

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