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October House of the Month 2023

october house of the month 2023

There’s something fascinating about looking at homes, especially those built many years ago. Homes are pieces of history that carry the stories of their owners, and the home on Kingsboro Ct in Midland, TX, is no exception. This house, built in 1985, has a unique story to tell, particularly through its windows. Brad and Julie Swendig are the homeowners of this property, and they have some interesting facts to share about the windows that adorn their home.

Aluminum Frame to Vinyl Frame

The original aluminum frame windows, a characteristic feature of the house’s initial construction, served as a poignant reminder of the era’s architectural choices. However, over time, it became evident that these windows lacked the efficiency required to withstand the demanding climate of Midland, TX. As the house, boasting a sturdy combination of brick and siding, stood resilient against the elements, the inefficiency of the old windows posed a significant challenge, leading Brad and Julie, to seek a more energy-efficient alternative, ultimately leading to the installation of two brands: Alside and NT vinyl windows.

Alside Windows and NT Windows

The homeowners of the home on Kingsboro Ct chose to install Alside brand vinyl windows and NT brand vinyl windows. The Alside windows were bronze on the exterior and white on the interior, while the NT windows were clay both inside and out. These two brands added a unique touch to the house, originally built with aluminum frame windows. The use of vinyl frames offers better insulation and energy efficiency, which accounts for an overall lower energy bill.

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Installer and Sales Rep

All the windows were installed within just two days by the lead installer for the project, Abe Loewen and his expert team. Abe’s extensive experience in window installation allowed the Swendig’s to feel confident in their choice of window experts. Vanessa Wint, the sales rep, helped the Swendig’s choose the perfect windows for their home.

Energy-efficient windows

The windows of the home on Kingsboro Ct tell a unique story of a family’s decision in the 1980s to invest in energy-efficient window technology. The choice to install both Alside and NT brand vinyl windows was not only a deliberate aesthetic decision but also a practical one. With the help of Abe Loewen and Vanessa Wint, the Swendig’s dream of updating their home’s windows was brought to life. Windows are more than just tools for brightening up a room; they are an essential component to the aesthetics, efficiency, and value of a home. Just as the home on Kingsboro Ct, homeowners today should make an effort to choose the best windows possible for their homes.

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