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Replacing Your Windows? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Websites like Pinterest can be great for inspiring your next home renovation, but unfortunately a lot of those designs and aesthetics aren’t “one size fits all” — especially when it comes to replacing your windows.

Some of the trendiest replacement window styles of the year do offer a ton of in terms of curb appeal, but before you pull the trigger there are a few questions you need to ask yourself starting with the basic “Who, What, When, Where, Why & How” of your replacement window project.

Who is replacing our windows?

It’s very important before you commit to a replacement window company that you do your research. You want to make sure that the company you choose has a good reputation in terms of customer reviews, financing options (should you need them), a variety of replacement window styles and above all else — a friendly, reliable and trustworthy team of window installers.

What are we trying to accomplish by replacing our windows?

It could be the draft coming from the front windows or it could be that your windows are a bit dated and need a little upgrade. Whatever your reason, make sure you understand exactly what the goal is before deciding on window style, color and additional upgrades.

When are we wanting to begin the process of getting new windows?

This is another important factor! Typically, a window replacement project with The Window Source of West Texas only takes a few days, however, you want to make sure you schedule your installation during a time when guests won’t be visiting, you are traveling or the weather during that time of year isn’t always ideal. Also, from a financial standpoint, are there times of year that are easier than others? With tax return season among us, a lot of folks will take that check from Uncle Sam and use it to fund their project.

Where on our home do we need to replace the windows?

It may only be the front windows, but it could be the entire house that needs a window upgrade. Take inventory of your current windows and their condition so that during your free in-home inspection, The Window Source of West Texas team has an idea of what you’re thinking and they can then offer their advice in return.

Why are we replacing our windows?

This goes back to the “what” aspect of our 5 W’s. Are you looking to replace your windows because they are old and drafty? Are you wanting to decrease your energy bill? Or simply looking to give your home a facelift? All of these are questions to ask before you begin the process of choosing your replacement window styles and colors.

How do we get started?

Well, this part is simple! Give us a call at 432-226-7213 to speak with one of The Window Source of West Texas representatives who will set up your free, no obligation in-home estimate. From there, you will work with our team to choose your window style and add-ons, understand your financing options and kick-off date!