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4 Big Signs it’s Time to Consider Replacing Your Windows

Let us ask a question: Do you know exactly how old your windows are?

If you a recent home builder then you know the precise answer to that question, but many are unsure! When it comes to your windows, age doesn’t always mean it’s time to replace your windows. Leaks, cracks, decay, and other physical characteristics could be signs that it’s time to consider getting new ones. It’s important to keep your home healthy and just like a runny nose, your windows are a sure sign of something wrong!

Air sneaking in and out

Drafts are a huge sign of it being time to replace your windows. Ensuring that you don’t have drafty windows is especially important during the colder months which could allow cold air to sneak in and your warm air to sneak out. This will inevitably affect your energy bills.

Window Operation

If you are noticing it becoming increasingly difficult to open your windows, regardless of the style, it could be time to consider replacement. If you need to be putting a lot of elbow grease into opening your windows, there could be a problem with swelling which could be damaging to the window around your window as well.


Condensation inside your windows is a sign that the seals are not performing effectively and they are allowing warm air from inside your home to meet with your cold windows. This will inevitably cause condensation within the panes.

Outside Noise

Is there a bird in your house? Oh no, that’s just the soundproofing aspect of your windows not working. If you are noticing that you can hear a lot of what is going on outside your home, it’s time to replace your windows with something more sound proofing.

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