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August House of the Month 2022

august house of the month 2022

Just to switch it up a bit, August’s House of The Month is not a home built in the 1950s but a fairly new home that was built in just 2001. The Builta’s of Midland were not happy with the contractor windows that came with their home. As you may know, contractor windows, also known as builder windows, are usually the cheapest and least efficient windows you can buy. They’re called contractor or builder windows because they’re sold almost exclusively to home builders. They’re inexpensive and inefficient because their goal is to meet code with as little impact on profit as possible.



august house of the month


That being said, these basic, single-pane, aluminum frame windows on the Builta’s home were one of the main culptits of higher energy bills. In this economy, that inefficiency is magnified that much more with the rising cost of electricity.
We met the Builta’s in their home and demonstrated our sample windows and the potential savings from all the energy-efficient features. All of the style options were laid out for them and we presented our ideas for their new windows.


Since this is a larger home, it was a significantly large order consisting of quite a few windows. Once the shipment from our manufacturer arrived, we got to work on installing 16 single hung, dual pane gas-filled windows, and 2 double hung, dual pane gas-filled windows. Additionally, the double hung windows were coated with a rain pattern obscure for privacy.

16 Qty. Single hung, dual pane gas-filled windows
2 Qty. Double hung, dual pane gas-filled windows.

This particular home was a seamless brick-to-brick installation with a classic clay interior and exterior. This made the installation especially smooth and was completed in just two days.
Do you want your home to look good and save money on rising energy costs like the Builta’s have?
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