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How to Give Your Energy Efficient Replacement Windows a Little “Umph”

energy efficient

The Window Source of West Texas is the #1 local replacement window company, providing a wide variety of energy efficient windows.

But let’s face it, West Texas can get HOT. The heat during the Summer is public enemy #1 and it forces its residents to protect that glorious cool air at all costs.

While the Winter in this area doesn’t get too brutal, West Texas residents aren’t completely used to a dip into cooler temperatures which makes protecting the heat in your home just as important.

All of that to say, the smallest crack in your windows can be the equivalent of leaving them wide open, and that becomes especially noticeable when your energy bill comes.

However, The Window Source of West Texas offers an extra layer of protection with the ability to upgrade the glass in your new windows to LowE Glass.

What is LowE/Argon high performance glass?

Although your replacement windows will provide energy efficiency, LowE glass is a bit unique in that it has an additional layer of protection, a metallic coating that helps with thermal performance. This type of invisible coating performs best when used in tandem with an insulated window that is filled with inert Argon gas. These two aspects provide elite energy efficiency related to your windows.

energy efficient
energy efficient

Will this help energy efficiency when both heating and cooling the home?

Yes! This LowE/Argon glass will provide the energy efficiency benefits needed during heating and cooling your home. Basically, during the colder months, the heat your house produces will be reflected back into your home and during the summer, the heat from the sun is reflected which gives your air conditioner a little break.

Don’t spend another Winter with a high electric bill and keep your precious cool air inside your home during the Summer. By combining new replacement windows with LowE/Argon high performance glass, you are sure to find the right balance of comfort – not only in your home, but in your wallet!

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