April House of the Month 2022

We always enjoy window upgrades on houses over 50 years old. It allows us to show off our skills in bringing the old into the present. Houses built back in the 50s like the Digby’s home in Big Spring pictured here, were just built with better quality back then.




However, one thing that has gotten better over the years is window design and technology. Windows in homes from that era were typically old-school wood or aluminum single-pane windows and that’s exactly what the Digby’s had. The problem, as you may know, aluminum is a poor insulator and a single pane does nothing more than provide a view.

So, while the walls and roof of this quality-built home may have been sealed up nice and tight, energy leaks from these windows like a sieve. But, the Digby’s knew who to call to fix that problem right—the first time.


After their free consultation we got the order placed for them and our veteran installer, Richard, showed up ready to install the following:

  • 7 Qty.  Double Hung Windows (No Grids)
  • 1 Qty. Picture Window
  • 8 Windows total
  • 1 qty. 6’ sliding patio door
  • 1 Qty. Deluxe Series Storm Door (Bronze color Interior & Exterior/ Storm door only)

With older homes like this, sometimes the windows and doors need to be modified. On this project, all but one of the windows were modified to be taller and needed to be reframed and re-cased as a result.

The windows fit beautifully and were wrapped on the exterior with a bronze trim coil. They melded perfectly with the brick and siding exterior of their home. Inside, the white trim blended well with their current décor.


Before and After

Due to the extensive modifications, this job took four days to complete, but the installs were seamless and made to look original.

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