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What Are The Best Windows To Put In A House?

A: Here in West Texas, we have a couple of different product lines we can choose from. So, it’s very situation-specific to what the customer’s looking for.

For example, we have aluminum frame windows where the customer may like the look of black frame windows. Sometimes it’s black on the exterior, black on the interior that they’re looking for, or they just like the commercial type of look you get with that. So, it suits their home and suits their décor.

In other situations, we have a vinyl frame window, where they’re looking for a certain color combination or sometimes it’s just cost.

Then, I have other customers that are basically just looking for a specific design, and in their minds, it’s ok to spend a little extra and get what they’re looking for.

So, here at The Window Source, we really try to tailor it to each customer’s needs and then provide multiple options. Then we let the customer make the decision at the end of the day.

Are you tired of drafty windows, condensation, and want to make a solid improvement on your home’s value?  Our energy efficient windows in West Texas are an investment that will add significant value to your home while helping to lower energy costs as well.

When it comes to window options, homeowners such as yourself have a huge variety of styles, dimensions, materials, and sizes that fit any décor, budget, or application. So how do you choose the right replacement windows for your home?

No matter which windows you choose, at the very least, the windows should be energy efficient, or you will be no better off than you are with cheap, inefficient windows. Energy efficient windows in West Texas are not only good for your home’s energy costs but they are also environmentally friendly.

To really know if the windows you are looking at are truly energy efficient, first, you must understand what an energy efficient window is— and what makes it so. Understanding energy efficiency in windows will help you get windows that offer the most comfort and the most savings on energy costs.

What Defines Energy Efficient Windows In West Texas?


Depending on the outside temperature, energy efficient windows in West Texas are either keeping heat out and cool air in or heat in and cold air out. Most heat transfer comes through the windows and doors so that’s why window quality is critical.

Just like your home should be well insulated to mitigate heat penetration or heat loss, energy efficient windows should also be well insulated to work in tandem with the insulation in the walls and attic to combat energy loss.

When you are considering windows, make sure you check the U-factor of each brand. The U-factor indicates how well the window protects against non-solar heat loss and gain. A U-Factor that is lower is ideally what you will be looking for as the lower the number the more efficient the window is.

Also, when you are looking at different window brands, be careful to consider that the U-Factor can refer to the efficiency of the glass panes alone or the entire window as one whole piece. For example, our most efficient windows have frames that are made from well-insulated materials such as virgin vinyl, giving them a very low U-factor.

However, some companies will sell you a window where only the glass has a low U-factor but then the frame and everything else is poorly constructed and not sealed properly to cut costs. If you buy a window like that, you end up with a window that has awesome efficiency in the glass pane, but is completely negated by the frame it’s in due to its extreme inefficiency.

What’s Trending In Windows?

Energy Efficient Windows In West Texas Homes

You may have asked yourself before if all these features like double pane glass, glass-filled panes, and vinyl frames really work. Does it really cut down on energy costs? The short answer is YES!

Energy Cost Savings

In West Texas, the biggest benefit of our windows is how much they can save you on cooling costs. While West Texas winters are somewhat mild and tame except for a few recent crazy winters—these windows will still help in cold weather. But naturally, where you will really see the difference is between June and August, where our temperatures can get up to 105° easily, and no, a dry heat doesn’t make it more tolerable.  Poorly insulated windows are the number one root cause of heat gain which means you spend even more money because your AC has to constantly work to keep the house comfortable.

With The Window Source, you won’t have that problem. When you install our quality windows, they can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.  Simply put, our products have the best efficiency rating on the market. Our windows use advanced low-E coatings and insulating gases between panes that further minimize solar heat gain, yet still give you a crystal-clear view allowing plenty of natural light into your home.

You Will Spend Less On An HVAC System

Another valuable benefit is that in addition to contributing to lower heating and cooling costs; they also significantly lighten the workload on your HVAC system at peak periods.

A peak period is the maximum cooling or heating requirement needed at any given moment to get the home to the temperature desired. Several factors go into determining this requirement such as furnace size, air conditioner, heat pump, and square footage of the home. Where our windows come into play is in their insulative qualities that lessen the peak heating and cooling workload.

This means you can actually spend less on a smaller and more economical HVAC system should you need to upgrade, or get more life and maximum efficiency out of the unit you have. This is especially beneficial if you are building a new home.

They Make Your Home More Comfortable

Our windows can drastically improve your home’s thermal comfort level during extreme warm months and our colder months in West Texas. In winter, cheap and inefficient windows have an icy cold surface that produces chilly drafts as the air next to the window gets cooled by the panes like air flowing over ice.

When you use our highly efficient windows, however, you will notice the glass is warmer and our durable weatherstripping is designed to create an extremely tight seal to keep out external air. Excessive condensation is also a big problem with older, inefficient windows and that can lead to mold, wood rot, and many more unsavory problems.

They’re Affordable, Stylish, And Add Value to Your Home

Your home is one of life’s most rewarding investments, but it’s also the largest investment you’ll make in a lifetime. You want to maintain your home and consistently improve on it to keep its value high should you ever need to sell, borrow against the equity, or simply keep your home safe and looking great. Our energy efficient windows have so many benefits that impact the style, security, and value of your home such as:

  • Affordability:  We can build a replacement window package to accommodate almost any budget.  We offer attractive financing with zero interest options.
  • Attractiveness:  Our windows offer more glass with less frame – preserving the views from inside your home and instantly boosting its curb appeal.  You don’t have to sacrifice looks for energy savings anymore.
  • Color Options:  These aren’t the vinyl windows you remember from the 70s. You’re not limited to a boring biscuit white. Now, you can choose from an array of colors to match your home’s exterior. There are even wood grain finishes available as well!
  • Durable:  Make an investment that lasts a lifetime. Our windows are so durable that we stand behind them 100% with a lifetime warranty.

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Our consultants will help you find the best options to fit your budget, your home’s style, and the desired level of efficiency you are seeking. We look forward to making your home comfortable again!

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