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“How Much Will My Windows Cost?” Well, It Depends!

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As you stand outside of your home and visualize how great a brand new bay window, or a beautiful row of double pane windows will look, it can be hard to remember the many factors that will contribute to how much the windows will actually cost.

One of the most common and first questions we are asked before scheduling free estimates with our customers is “how much are my windows going to cost?” As much as we wish this was a “one size fits all” kind of thing, the truth is there are many factors that can influence how much you will pay for your entire window replacement project.

We hope that in answering this common question, you feel comfortable and ready to final take the plunge and give us a call to schedule your free estimate on your brand new replacement windows!

Here’s what will affect how much you’re paying for your replacement windows:

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How Many Do You Need?

This one is probably the most commonly assumed factor. If you only need to replace one window, well your total project cost will be lower than those needing the entire second floor or whole home replaced. The great part about The Window Source of West Texas is that we offer our windows at incredibly affordable prices with the option to finance at 0% for 24 months. Right now, we can even offer 8 brand new windows as low as $99/month* with free installation. Again, this total cost with vary depending on how many windows you need throughout the home. However, sometimes, it can be more cost effective to go the route of “if one needs fixin’, eventually they all will!”

And how many of a certain style do you need?

Now we get into the nitty gritty of window cost. This is where your project cost can fluctuate as different style windows can come at a different price than our more basic windows. Combining that with how many you may need, you could see your project costs begin to climb. The Window Source of West Texas offers a variety of high-quality window styles from our basic single or double hung windows to garden or bay windows. You can view a full list of our window styles here.

Does your window choice require certain materials?

If you are in the market for wood windows, you could be looking at a higher cost than basic vinyl windows. While vinyl is our most popular style and frankly affordable style of window, you do have the option to choose wood. Just keep in mind, you can expect that this style window will certainly push your costs up a bit (depending on how many you need). Keep in mind, even in this situation, we still offer financing for replacement windows.

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